Ruth Hill

Ruth Hill

About The Faith Travel Focus Project

Welcome to the new one-stop home for faith travelers and travel professionals who design and organize the experiences!

Ride with us for news and views about destinations and sites where Christianity took root and grew over the past two millennia. The stories are dramatic and never-ending.

Faith travel is one of the oldest and largest travel niches, yet its breadth and diversity remain largely unknown. Faith travel is hot and “emerging” yet it’s been around forever.

We travel with purpose – to connect with places, people and heritage that inform and build our faith. We may study the Bible, but there’s nothing quite like the life transformation that often occurs when one walks streets and sites in Jerusalem, Ephesus, Athens, to name a few. And along the way, today’s travelers enjoy combining fun and contemporary diversions with the history and inspiration. Like camping in the desert near Bedouin tent communities – why not?

And there’s oh so much more!

We’ll also talk about roads less traveled, such as a monastery stay in Burgundy or a walk though Oxford, England in the steps of author and theologian C.S. Lewis. We’ll visit a remote island in Scotland where Christianity made its first landfall in Britain, then marvel at seaside ruins in St. Andrews from the Reformation period. And there’s all the pertinent culture on the North American side of the Atlantic, such as markers of the faith left by America’s founders in Washington, DC.

So come along with us, and if you like what you see, do register for our free, weekly alerts. We hope to be one of your favorite online landing pads.

Veteran faith traveler and writer Ruth A. Hill is at the helm of the Faith Travel Focus project. She has written about the pleasures and business of travel for newspapers, magazines and trade publications for 25 years, and has membership in the Society of American Travel Writers.